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  • ADT Monitored Home Security System
  • Free Keychain Remote
  • No Landline Required
  • Easy to Use Wireless Alarm Keypad
  • Loud Siren - Warn Potential Intruders
  • Super Fast - Next Day Installation*
  • Save Money! - Up To 20% on Homeowners Insurance
  • Enjoy Greater Peace Of Mind!
  • Pet Sensitive Motion Detectors
  • Affordable & Low Cost Monitoring
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Home Security Systems in New York
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  • Fast 24/7 Emergency Response Protection
  • Burglary, Fire, and Smoke Detectors
  • Health Emergency Protection
  • Two-Way Voice Communication
  • An ADT Yard Sign and Window Decals
  • Door, Window, and Motion Detectors

New York, NY Home Security Systems Help Keep You and Your Family Safe Around the Clock, Night and Day.

Our Internet Special, an $850 Value, Includes a Wireless Home Security Alarm System Monitored by ADT!

A wide variety of home security components are available to meet your individual needs and specifications. While the internet special offer includes excellent basic components and services, many of our New York customers choose to enhance their security system with video cameras, emergency health response systems, and carbon monoxide/heat/smoke detection devices. When you complete the form above, ADT Authorized Dealer, SafeStreetsUSA, will contact you to share these options with you and answer all of your questions.

The images above are for example purposes only and do not necessarily represent the equipment you will receive with our special offer.

Professional Installation

Our certified installers quickly and conveniently install your wireless home alarm system with minimal disruption to your schedule and home life. All that you need to do is choose your security alarm system codes. We even offer a next-day installation in certain areas. Reply today to find out more.

Three Points of Protection

  An ADT Monitored Home Security System provides coverage for the three primary doors or windows of your choice. Audible beep alarms alert you when the security of these protected areas is potentially compromised. This 3-point system is designed to be easily increased at nominal cost.

Instant Communication

You will feel confident knowing that speed is of the essence, between an alarm triggering and an ADT Command Center instantly notifying you and the local authorities.

Infrared Interior Motion Detector

The ADT Monitored infrared interior motion detector provides another security barrier to your home but rest assured that we've made allowances for pet detection to reduce false alarms.

High-Decibel Siren

The high decibel siren on your ADT Monitored Home Security System is loud. The piercing, hign level siren is enough to help scare intruders away.

Large Touchpad with LCD Display

The state of the art, oversized touchpad buttons are lighted and allow for easy arming and disarming of your security system. Your installer can program your Wireless Security Digital Keypad with a "one-touch access" that allows you in a single touch of one key to signal fire, medical and police dispatch.  NOTE: IF you do not have a home phone system or have a vacation home that you're away from regularly, we can install a monitoring system via satellite for a small additional maintenance fee.

ADT Security Yard Sign & Window Decal

Your alarm system comes with a sturdy ADT Security yard sign and ADT window decals that let potential intruders know that your residence is securely protected by ADT Security Services.

Battery Backup

In the event that your power goes out, rest assured that your ADT Monitored Security System won't let you down. Our battery backup system provides protection in the worst, most unexpected weather or circumstances.

The ADT Control Panel

The heart of your ADT Monitored Home Alarm Security System is called the control panel and is normally installed in your basement.

BONUS: ONE Keychain Remote

The Free wireless keychain remote, included with this offer, gives you control of your ADT Monitored Wireless Alarm System from a distance. No larger than a common car key fob, you can conveniently arm or disarm your system with this remote from almost any room in your home and from a distance of 25 yards outside. This remote also features a panic button for immediately notifying local authorities.

Customers Commonly Choose These Added Security Items

The items listed below are an additional cost above the Internet Special, however, we keep your costs very low for these extra security features. When you contact us, feel free to ask about adding these components to your home or business security system.

2-Way Voice Command

The 2-Way Voice is a convenient, hands free feature it will allow you to communicate directly with ADT® monitoring center personnel from virtually anywhere in your home. The control panel acts like an intercom over which an ADT® monitoring center person can verify an emergency in your home and ask you for your password code.

The built in microphone in your control panel is very strong, it can pick up a normal talking voice from over 75 feet away! You will be able to communicate with monitoring center personnel even if you're injured and can't make it to the control panel.

Smoke Detectors Save Lives

Photoelectric smoke detectors with a low-profile design offer state of the art features that reduce false alarms while still maintaining a high sensitivity to detect smoke or fire.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Because so many families rely on supplemental heating devices during cold winters, carbon monoxide poisoning is a real threat. Your ADT monitored detector provides early warning alarms when odorless carbon monoxide enters the air.

Glass Break Detectors

The breaking glass detectors are programmed to discern the difference between the sound of breaking glass and common sounds heard in homes and businesses to alert you of a potential instrusion. Featuring high-performance microphones and advanced microprocessor-based Digital Sound Analysis (DSA), they can detect all types of breaking framed glass - plate, laminated, tempered and safety - up to 25' away.

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  1. A Complete Home Security System

    *Wireless control panel
    *Large Illuminated Keypad Display
    *Door Contacts and Motion Detector
    *Pet motion detector
    *High decibel siren
    *1 keychain remote that arms and disarms

  2. Free security system activation to ADT's  24/7 monitoring centers and registration with your local police and fire departments
  3. Free keychain remote, allowing you to arm and disarm your home alarm system from a distance.
Choose ADT, New York's #1 company for home alarm security system monitoring
  • Founded over 100 years ago
  • Free risk assessment
  • Around-the-clock monitoring
  • User-friendly arm, disarm, and status
  • Keychain remote
  • Back-up power
  • Save up to 20% on homeowners
  • All residential equipment comes with a lifetime warranty.